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Richmond Volley Futbol League


Welcome to the Richmond Volley Futbol Legue (RVFL),


The RVFL has already begun searching for canadites to hold the first Volley Futbol League. Naci Bilgeturk and Brandon Wright will be heading up the operations of the RVFL. The RVFL have already planned to expand to other regions of Virginia.


The RVFL will be the first ever Volley Futbol League in the United States. Brandon Wright, president and owner of the Volley Futbol, LLC, has already established the foundation for National Volley Futbol League set to roll out in 2015.


Brandon Wright, Naci Bilgeturk, and Luke Moore both believe that Volley Futbol will revolutionize the way the game is played and is innovative enough to be the only game of its kind.


"We both feel that Volley Futbol is the only game in soccer (outside of an official regulated game) that teaches judgement of all balls in the air, bouncing balls, and having a great first touch to put the ball where you want it. Even though it is fun to play, there is alot that goes on technically in the game to be good at it."

                                                                     -- Brandon Wright

                                                                        President and Owner


The RVFL will be posting more in the Fall of 2015 about the 1st ever Volley Futbol league in the United States. Come be a part of history!!



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