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Welcome to Volley Futbol Summer Camps,


These camps are designed specifically to create a better touch on the ball. First touch, judging bouncing balls, headers, controling a perfect a touch with balls out of the air, and HAVING FUN!! These camps will model Volley Futbol Elite players touches.


Your child will be juggling more, will have an increased confidence on controlling all types of balls (out of the air, bouncing, spinning balls, etc..), and have fun while doing it.


Get your child ahead of the game and ahead of their age competition in one week. Your child we have a new passion about juggling and what it can do for their game in one week. Your child will enjoy personal instruction with low numbers in groups to increase touches and learning ability. Your child will not get lost in the big groups. 


2014 Volley Futbol Camps is on the edge of a new revolution to get kids juggling and perfecting their personal touch on the ball. Don't let your child get left behind!!  SIGN UP TODAY!



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AUGUST 3 - 7, 2015

9-12 PM


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